Spencer Heat and Air will save you money through offering a preventative plan that consists of 15-Point Air Conditioning Tune-Up before the summer begins, and our 26-Point Heating Tune-Up before winter begins, to help keep you cool all summer and warm all winter! 

We sell yearly or multiyear maintenance contracts where we do a spring and fall tune-up on your HVAC system to keep it running at peak performance.

15-Point Air Conditioning Tune-Up

  • Verify cooling performance and make any necessary adjustments

  • Clean the outdoor condenser coil and remove debris

  • Lubricate and inspect the outdoor condenser fan motor

  • Check compressor power for proper function

  • Check condition of compressor

  • Inspect all electrical connections

  • Inspect capacitors and relays

  • Inspect for refrigerant levels and see if there are any leaks

  • Inspect indoor evaporator coil

  • Flush condensate drain to protect against overflow

  • Inspect blower assembly operation

  • Evaluate condition of air filters and other indoor air quality accessories

  • Safety test all controls for proper operation

  • Provide expert recommendations for keeping your system running at peak efficiency

  • Provide the customer with complete Results of Check

26 Point Heating Tune-Up

  • Clean and Check Gas Burners

  • Clean and Check Pilot and Pilot Tube

  • Check Flame Baffle (or Ribbons)

  • Set Manifold Gas Pressure

  • Check Gas Input

  • Set Burner Air Adjustment

  • Check Fan Control

  • Inspect Gas Valve and Piping

  • Check Pilot Safety/Thermocouple/ Spark Ignition

  • Inspect Combustion Chamber

  • Check Temperature Rise

  • Check Blower Motor (Belt and wires, if applicable)

  • Lubricate Blower and Bearings (If possible – some are permanently lubricated)

  • Check Wiring Assembly

  • Check Air Filtration System

  • Check Equipment and Ventilation Space

  • Check Flue and Venting

  • Check Limit Control

  • Check Heat Anticipator

  • Check Thermostat Contacts

  • Check Voltage and Amperage on Motors

  • Check Safety Interlock Switch (where provided by code)

  • Perform Carbon Monoxide Test

  • Duct Inspection

  • Make Final Operation Check

  • Advise Customer of Results of Check

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